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Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
May 10, 2017

Current lake level is 171.04 as of 5/10/17 and slowly dropping. Water temp. is around 73-75 deg. With the rise in the water level the majority of the bass have spread out and can be caught in all depths. In the recent Po Boys tournament out of Holly Park Michael Gibbs caught an 8lber in 3' of water on a watermelon red senko. Chug bugs, senkos, and wacky worms has ben a good choice of baits in the shallow water. There are also many bass starting to stack up in the 15-20' range on the end of points, around creek bends and ridges. The deeper fish can be caught on Carolina rig with a baby brush hog (watermelon red), 6xd & 8xd crank baits (sexy shad), and ole monster(red bug) Texas rig. More bass will began to group up in the deeper water as the lake level drops.

White bass are starting to school up on the sandy humps and flats in 17-20'. Some are making there way up shallow (5-8') in the late evening to feed. Spoons are the best choice of baits.

Crappie are mostly backed out deep on the brush piles close to the creeks or points in 15-20'. They are still catching a few under the bridge and off the docks. Minnows and bobby garland crappie jigs are most effective.

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