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Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
July 7, 2017

Current water level is 171.58'. Water temp. is around 84 deg. The hot heat of the summer is finally here and has ben very humid. If you are fishing in the heat of the day when the sun is out you should be focusing on finding brush or any kind of structure for the fish to hide in. Most bass have moved out to the deeper water but some are still being caught shallow. If fishing shallow target shady banks and areas with grass or brush that are close to a ditch or creek that leads to deeper water. Texas rig and Carolina rigs are a good bait to use in the shallow as well as the deep water. In the mornings before the water temp. starts to heat back up top water lures can be very productive also. I have ben seeing big schools of bass in the deeper water on the edge of drop offs towards the main lake. When I find them grouped up I start throwing a crankbait on top of them. I have ben throwing the Berkley Dredger 20.5 & 25.5 in the "Big Money" color. I just switch between the two sizes depending on the depth I'm in. If you get on top of them just drop a spoon or drop shot and you should be able to catch them. When the bite slows I start throwing a 10" ole monster in plum apple texas rig with the lightest weight the wind will allow you to use. If you want a more consistent bite and possibly some bigger fish then you should fish at night. Night fishing is the way to go right now with the moon out. I mainly just switch my ole moster to a blueberry or blackberry color and just drag it as slow as I can. The fish seem to move up on top of the ridges and humps at night and most of my bites come from 11-16' of water.

Crappie are still biting in the brush piles in 18-25' but the these hot days can sure slow the bite down. You may have to spend a little more time out there to catch your limit. The night time bite has ben picking up also for the crappie. Minnows seem to be the best bait.

White bass are still are still deep and the best bite is early or late. There are smaller groups of whites that are coming up in the shallow flats and ridges in the evnings. Spoons best bait of choice

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